About the ITRC Board of Advisors

The ITRC Board of Advisors serves the ITRC membership and is responsible for leadership of ITRC. Decision making within the ITRC Board of Advisors is conducted in accordance with ERIS By-laws and the ITRC Governance Document.  The ITRC Board of Advisors sets the strategic direction of the organization and oversees implementation of the ITRC Strategic Plan. The ITRC Board of Advisors oversees work of the ITRC Teams, Team Leaders, and Program Areas (e.g., State Engagement Program, Training Program).

The ITRC Board of Advisors consists of nine voting members. Six members are from state environmental or related state agencies; these six members include two Co-Chairs, the State Engagement Coordinator, the Team Leader Liaison, the Training Program Coordinator, and a State At-Large position. The other three voting members consist of one Industry or Private Sector Representative, who must be a member of ITRC’s Industry Affiliates Program (IAP); one Public/Tribal/Emeritus Representative; and one representative from a regional or national environmentally focused state-interest organization. ITRC’s federal partners appoint liaisons to the ITRC Board of Advisors, who act as advisors and provide guidance for ITRC.