(August 29, 2017) The ITRC PFAS Team kicked off their Fall meeting this week in St. Paul, Minnesota with over 100 attendees. Attendees were treated to speakers from both the team itself and Minnesota state health and environmental agency officials, touching on the need for PFAS research and collaboration among different disciplines and levels of government.

Ginny Yingling, PFAS Team Leader; Tom Higgins, ITRC Co-Chair; John Linc Stine, MN Pollution Control Agency Commissioner; Bob Mueller, PFAS Team Leader; and Dr. Edward Ehlinger, MN Department of Health Commissioner (left to right).

MN Department of Health Commissioner, Dr. Edward Ehlinger, highlighting the importance of identifying risks for emerging contaminants.

MN Pollution Control Agency Commissioner, John Linc Stine, speaking on public health service, cooperative partnerships, and the importance of ITRC’s work on finding solutions to technical and regulatory barriers.

PFAS Team Program Advisor, Lesley Hay Wilson, explaining the next steps on finalizing the Fact Sheets and starting the outline of the Technical Regulatory Guidance Document.