(January 24, 2017) ITRC is seeking applicants for the two Co-Chair positions on its Board of Advisors. There are openings for a two-year and a one-year term beginning in April 2017. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply according to the process described below.

The Co-Chair positions are filled by a state environmental (or related) agency employee and are elected by the general ITRC membership at the ITRC Annual Meeting. These positions lead the nine-member voting ITRC Board of Advisors, which is responsible for ITRC leadership, management, and strategic direction in conjunction with the ITRC Director and ITRC Board Liaisons. Travel to four or five ITRC-related meetings per year is required (travel is reimbursed by ITRC according to the ITRC Travel Policy). The one-year remaining term is currently held by Michael Murphy from Virginia DEQ, and the two-year term is currently held by Tom Schneider from Ohio EPA.

These positions are eligible for an annual State grant of $15,000 to compensate for the individual's time commitment to ITRC.

Application Process
If you are interested in running for either of the ITRC Board Co-Chair positions, please apply by providing ITRC with a one-page resume and a one-page statement of interest. The resume should list the nature of the applicant's current employment, a brief employment history, and contact information for the applicant's supervisor. The statement of interest should detail the applicant's goals for the Co-Chair position, the Board of Advisors, and ITRC in general.

These materials should be submitted electronically to Patricia Reyes, ITRC Director (preyes@ecos.org, 202.266.4933) by the end of the day on Friday, February 24, 2017. Each application will be acknowledged by the end of the next business day after receipt of the application. Incomplete applications or applications not meeting the requirements listed here will not be accepted and will be returned electronically. ITRC will confirm each applicant's eligibility for the position with the applicant's employer prior to appointment.

Applicants for the Co-Chair positions may be asked to give a brief presentation during the morning Plenary Session at the 2017 ITRC Annual Meeting in New Orleans on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. The election for the Co-Chair positions will also be held during the Plenary Session and the results will be announced that week. More information on the 2017 ITRC Annual Meeting is available at www.itrcweb.org/Meetings/Upcoming.