ECOS Names Patricia Catherwood Reyes ITRC Director

Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) Executive Director and General Counsel, Alexandra Dapolito Dunn, announced today that environmental and health innovator, Patricia Reyes, has been named Director of the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC). Reyes will assume the role in October.

Reyes is a recognized leader in healthcare, environment and energy with experience at the federal, state and congressional levels. She is currently providing oversight and management advice on critical healthcare initiatives for a federal client.

"Patty has a long relationship with the ITRC-back to its inception-and brings an invaluable understanding of the interplay of federal, state and private interests, all key to the ongoing success and growth of the organization," said Tom Schneider of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Co-Chair of the ITRC Board of Advisors.

ITRC Co-Chair, Mike Murphy, of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality added, "Patty has been at the forefront in crafting effective DoD and state approaches to remediation, for which she has received the Secretary of the Air Force's highest honor for developing a cleanup optimization program with state agencies. We are fortunate to have her leadership skills, knowledge and experience as ITRC expands into new environmental realms."

ECOS President Robert J. Martineau, Jr., Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, commented that "ITRC performs a critical role by ensuring the implementation of effective practices at remediation sites and beyond. Patty's experience will take ITRC to the next level."

Previously, Reyes served as Presidential appointee and senior advisor to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Environmental Security providing policy recommendations and strategic advice on the Departments' environment, safety and occupational health communications with Congress, States, federal agencies, industry, non-government organizations and the public. In that role, she also oversaw DoD management of a Cooperative Agreement with the ITRC.

Reyes' robust federal experience is bolstered by her past work as an environmental analyst at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and at the National Governors' Association, during which she served a detail to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"There has never been a more important time to promote the incredibly effective and unique capabilities of the ITRC," Reyes said. "It is an honor to join the ranks of the hundreds of ITRC's dedicated men and women as they push to make innovation a way of business in all environmental sectors."