(January 16, 2017) The IC-1 guidance describes best practices for managing institutional controls (ICs), based on successful state programs. The guidance details the elements of effective ICs throughout their life cycle, addresses cost issues, identifies stakeholder perspectives, and offers several case studies. You can access this guidance at: institutionalcontrols.itrcweb.org/. This guidance also includes a downloadable tool that can help you generate an editable LongTerm Stewardship (LTS) Plan in Microsoft Word. This tool can be used to document and maintain critical information about an IC, as well as create a lasting record of the site. The tool allows you to enter site-specific information, including the regulatory authority for the IC and responsibilities for maintaining and monitoring the IC. Click here to access the IC Tool.

For additional information on the Long Term Contaminant Management Using Institutional Controls team, please review their factsheet.