(November 6, 2017) ITRC's Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) registration is open for calendar year 2018. Online registration is available by visiting http://itrcweb.org/IAP/Application. You can also print the web registration form and mail it with a check to ITRC. Membership in IAP is per company and all employees of member companies are welcome to join ITRC Teams in 2018. ITRC Team registration will open on December 4, 2017.

Membership in IAP provides several important elements to the environmental site owner, consultant or technology developer:

  • Information exchange on the development and deployment of innovative environmental technologies
  • Participation in ITRC technical teams that produce technical regulatory guidance documents and training

ITRC is implementing a new Platinum membership for 2018. Platinum membership will include more benefits, such as two free classroom training registrations. Further, the difference between Standard and Gold or Platinum membership may be eligible for tax deduction. ITRC is now also accepting unsolicited donations of any amount, which also may be eligible for tax deduction (see www.itrcweb.org/about/donate).

For additional information including benefits of membership and recent success stories, please visit the ITRC IAP webpage at http://itrcweb.org/IAP/IAP.

If you have any questions about dues and payment, please contact Carolyn Sistare at 202-266-4932, [email protected]. For questions about IAP, please contact ITRC Industry Board Member David Tsao at [email protected] or ITRC Director Patty Reyes at [email protected].