ITRC Mission and Strategic Plan

ITRC Values

Our values represent enduring beliefs that are at the core of ITRC and serve to guide and shape decisions at all levels of the ITRC organization.

  • Facilitate better DECISION-MAKING by fostering the acceptance and use of INNOVATIVE solutions
  • Develop solutions by working as a STATE-LED ORGANIZATION in PARTNERSHIP with those affected by the guidance we develop
  • Produce products that are grounded in TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE
  • Work with INTEGRITY in a culture of COLLABORATION
  • Strive for CONSENSUS in decision-making and development of products

ITRC Vision

Our vision is our desired end state and inspires the organization to carry out its strategic plan. ITRC’s vision is:

To achieve healthy and sustainable air, water, land, and ecology through the adoption of innovative solutions

ITRC Purpose

Our purpose represents why we are in business. ITRC’s purpose is:

To advance innovative environmental decision making

ITRC Mission

Our mission represents what we seek to achieve. ITRC’s mission is:

To develop information resources and processes to break down barriers to the use of technically sound innovative solutions for healthy communities, economy and environment

Key Strategies

  • Look ahead to future environmental challenges and be ready to focus resources on developing innovative approaches to address those challenges
  • Develop quality products that meet customer needs
  • Conduct outreach to understand environmental priorities, demonstrate our value, and increase our visibility to funding sponsors
  • Emphasize collaboration and cooperation in our work as a way to foster consensus
  • Strive for consistency in facts and findings amongst all products to ensure their credibility and relevance and to maximize their usability to customers

ITRC Strategic Plan

ITRC's strategic plan provides the foundation for ITRC to thrive and grow in today’s changing world. This plan sets forth the principles that guide decision-making, clarifies priorities, and positions ITRC to satisfy our current customers while seizing new opportunities. You can view the ITRC Strategic Plan here: