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The Risk documents address the use of risk assessment and risk-related practices by regulatory agencies in managing and making decisions about contaminated sites.

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Assists effective decision-making among state, local, and federal project managers and decision makers tasked with developing or reviewing risk assessments for contaminated sites using site-specific approaches, scenarios, and parameters. The document discusses commonly encountered issues organized around seven risk-assessment subjects (planning, data evaluation, toxicity, exposure assessment, risk characterization, risk management, and risk communication) when site-specific alternatives are proposed, and provides options for addressing these issues. Links to resources and tools that provide more detailed information on the specific issues and potential options are also provided. Community members and other stakeholders may find this document helpful for understanding and using risk assessment information to make better environmental decisions.
Through actual and hypothetical case studies, examines state regulatory agencies’ use of risk assessment and risk-related practices in managing contaminated sites.
Provides information on the different methods used by regulatory agencies to develop and apply screening values for evaluating contaminated media.