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The Radionuclides documents address characterizing radioactively contaminated sites, cleanup goals, decontamination and decommissioning, and long-term stewardship.

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Compiles knowledge and experience acquired in recent years from facilities that have completed a D&D process, providing guidance on D&D to regulators, the public, project managers, cleanup contractors, and technology providers.
Provides overview of the benefits of a streamlined data collection approach that has proven effective at radionuclide contaminated sites.
Presents the results of the survey of state regulator perspectives on long-term stewardship.
Summaries of the various regulatory standards and requirements that dictate cleanup at radioactively contaminated sites, discussion of processes used to develop cleanup levels, and case studies from 12 selected sites to demonstrate variations in the decision-making framework and basis.
Resource of organizations, activities, and technical terminology related to radioactive contamination.