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This guidance is intended to provide a nation-wide perspective on the challenges facing the stormwater industry in evaluating the performance of post-construction Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout a project lifecycle. The guidance describes historic, existing and developing post-construction BMP performance verification and certification programs, and captures existing program data in a new BMP screening tool to assist users during the design of a project.

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This guidance offers the user details on post-construction stormwater BMP performance evaluation. The guidance is based on BMP lifecycle processes from selection to long-term maintenance. National verification programs and public-domain data repositories are featured to provide reliable, vetted data sources to the user for evaluating their BMP needs. The document provides applicable lifecycle considerations including contracting and overall costs. Installation factors are detailed from construction challenges to inspection checklists, quality control factors and record drawings. It goes on to address long-term technology- and performance-based operational strategies, including aspects such as routine and non-routine maintenance. Data and information from existing publicly available BMP performance programs has been incorporated into an online BMP Screening Tool. Using site-specific pollutant treatment requirements and installation considerations, the Tool can assist the user by narrowing BMP options to a list appropriate for given site conditions. The Tool also provides users summarized information on the treatment efficiency, installation requirements and maintenance issues regarding the identified BMPs, with links that connect the user with detailed data and fast links to information from across the nation.