2015 ITRC Industry Recognition Awards

Edward (Ted) Tyler
Characterization and Remediation in
Fractured Rock
Dean Keiswetter
Geophysical Classification for
Munitions Response
Acorn Science & Innovation, Inc.
Chris Stubbs
Geostatistics for Remediation Optimization
ENVIRON International Corporation
Barrie Selcoe
Bioavailability in Soil
David Alden
Remediation Management of Complex Sites
Tersus Environmental
Robert Wenzlau
Long Term Contaminant Management Using Institutional Controls

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ITRC Industry Recognition Award

Each ITRC Team recognizes industry members for their outstanding contributions to ITRC. The selected industry members will receive an ITRC Industry Recognition Award in November 2015. The award consists of a certificate and a 25% discount on Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) membership fees for 2016.