Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) 2017 Standard Members

2016 Gold Members List

The following companies have joined ITRC's Industry Affiliates Program for the 2017 calendar year. For more information about each company, you can click on their logos to visit their corporate websites.

Jim Studer, InfraSUR, says, "InfraSUR, a small environmental consulting practice and IAP member, has benefited significantly through our efforts in supporting specific ITRC teams over the years. ITRC provides another avenue to give back to the industry and to society and we benefit through association with talented environmental professionals who are passionate about making a positive difference. The IAP membership platform represents an efficient mechanism for coordinating and communicating private sector involvement. Because of IAP, we have a better appreciation for the important work ITRC is doing, how our small contributions assist, and additional opportunities to get involved."

Bohn Consulting
Environmental Petroleum Geochemistry
Geosphere, Inc.
Onion Equipment
Terrapin Environmental Solutions Inc.

Listing of logos is for purposes of acknowledging private sector membership and support and does not constitute an endorsement of any organization or its products. ECOS, ERIS, ITRC, and member organizations do not intend to endorse nor attempt to determine the merits of any specific proprietary technology or process.