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Sara Pearson, Michigan PO
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Joey Pace, Arizona POC
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Rebecca Higgins, Minnesota POC

Each year the ITRC Board of Advisors honors several State Engagement Coordinators who they believe have contributed over and beyond to ITRC.

State Engagement Awards:

Outstanding Performance Award:
The Outstanding Performance Award is given to a state POC who has made substantial contributions to ITRC and has fostered strong benefits for their state through their participation in ITRC. Substantial contributions to ITRC include facilitating state use of guidance documents; providing review of documents and training; recruiting members of technical teams; hosting and facilitating Internet or classroom training; tracking and providing success stories; outreach to the local environmental community; and bringing innovation to accomplishing the ITRC mission.

2016 Award Winner - Sara Pearson, Michigan POC
Sara has been an extremely engaged POC for the last several years. She attends all calls, provide feedback to documents and surveys, and volunteers to assist other aspects for the SEP (review of marketing resources, agenda development, etc.). She also has made extra efforts to expand her contact list and the reach of ITRC within her state (she provided a great success story/lessons learned/tip to the other POCs on how to expand the outreach and contact building of ITRC within their states).

Great Beginning Award:
The Great Beginning Award is given to a new POC, who has moved forward to carry out their roles and responsibilities with energy and enthusiasm, bringing ITRC's products and tools to their state and increasing awareness of ITRC's benefits to state environmental programs.

2016 Award Winner - Joey Pace , Arizona POC
Joey has jumped right in and has turned around ITRC involvement in Arizona in her year as POC. There was very little involvement from AZ in the previous years (zero team members), and now AZ DEQ has 5 technical team members. She has expanded ITRC knowledge beyond her cleanup program. In addition, she attended all but one POC/TL call, she has provided comments to all documents and surveys, provided examples of success, and AZ’s training numbers are up. She also volunteered to assist with the Idaho POC recruitment and is already a great leader and example within the network.

Outstanding Service Award:
The Outstanding Service Award is given to a POC who provided a high level of support to the ITRC State Engagement Team through participation in Team activities. The Award recipient is characterized by a willingness to contribute to the success of the Team through leading sessions; coordinating team meetings or outreach; providing mentoring to newer Points of Contact; carrying the message of ITRC to their states and assisting other ITRC members in this mission; and an overall support of ITRC and its goals.

2016 Award Winner - Rebecca Higgins, Minnesota POC
Rebecca continues to be an extremely engaged and active in the SEP, even while becoming the Co-TL for the Stormwater Team (the second team that Rebecca has been the team leader for). She contributes across the board to ITRC. For the SEP, she provides fresh and new ideas, she mentors POCs (especially those that are participating on technical teams), responds to all document and survey requests.