ITRC's State Engagement Program ensures that ITRC documents and training courses are available, promoted, and used. Each state assigns a staff person from its environmental agency to serve as an ITRC Point of Contact (POC).

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The goal of the ITRC State Engagement Program (SEP) is to work with state environmental agencies to foster good decision-making regarding the use of innovative environmental technologies for more effective environmental protection. The core purpose of the SEP is to ensure that ITRC documents and training courses are available, promoted, and used by staff at state environmental agencies and all other applicable stakeholders. The SEP is comprised of a network of the state Points of Contact (POCs), along with the State Engagement Coordinator (SEC)—who is a voting member of the ITRC Board of Advisors—and contract-based Program Advisor support. The POCs play an integral role by serving as advocates for ITRC in their state’s environmental agency and by communicating their state’s environmental priorities back to ITRC. The POCs are also instrumental in marketing and promoting ITRC tools and resources to other government agencies, industry, academia, and community and tribal groups.

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State Engagement Program Plan

The State Engagement Program Plan provides an overview of the SEP and outlines the focus areas, defines the goals of the program, and details the POC/SEP roles and responsibilities.

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POC Highlight

Douglas Bacon
Utah POC

Position/Role with State Agency:
Environmental Scientist III – Division of Environmental Response & Remediation, National Priority List Section. I oversee the Superfund and Natural Resource Damage response actions by Rio Tinto Kennecott Copper at the Kennecott Superfund Site on behalf of EPA Region 8 and the State of Utah. Recently I have begun to oversee response actions at the Richardson Flats site in Park City, Utah, due to past experience with managing solid mine waste and mininig influenced water.

POC Since: 2014

Best Part About Being a POC: In my experience with Superfund projects, one can get type casted pretty quick in terms of skill set and project knowledge. Being the POC for Utah has provided another opportunity to avoid such. I have been able to gain knowledge on a broader perspective of other environmental constraints, interact more with Utah and ITRC staff and members to understand solutions, and broaden my understanding on solutions. Through this I have had the chance to meet and befriend a number of well spoken and fun individuals.

Other Experience with ITRC: I have been with ITRC since 2007, beginning during the early stages of the Mine Waste treatment team and then the Biochemical Reactors for Treating Mining Influenced Water team. Via these efforts I joined the ITRC training team and assisted with the implementation of the mining guidance documents. Since 2016 I have been lucky to hold the Board of Adviser position - State Engagement Coordinator, and have enjoyed countless hours coordinating and befriending a great group of State points of contact.

Hobbies/Activities Outside of Work/ITRC: Some say, "Bam!", "Winner Winner - Chicken Dinner", "Flavortown"... I'm partial to "Culinary Fusions - Twisting Traditions". The first words by many are, "you know you look a lot like..." and that may just open the door down a culinary trip they never thought of.

I enjoy cooking! As much as my passion for the outdoors is alive, if I am indoors I am in the kitchen. Throw convention to the curb...French trained - Bah! Give me chance to experiment find tasteful compilations that cause pause and ahhhhhh, that's a moment of joy. True passion comes from the heart, culinary fusions come from the soul. In addition, you'll find me in the high mountains of Utah, fishing, camping, and just content to get off the grid, clear my mind, and prep for the next twist of traditions.