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At many contaminated sites, even those with active remediation, institutional controls (ICs) are used to minimize the potential for human exposure to contaminants and to protect the integrity of a cleanup remedy by controlling how the property is used. As more contaminated sites are managed using ICs, a comprehensive guide is needed for selecting, implementing, monitoring, and maintaining ICs at contaminated sites. This project will address the following questions: (1) what are the advantages and limitations of various ICs, (2) does the effectiveness of an IC decline over time, (3) what are efficient and effective methods to monitor the efficacy of ICs over time, and (4) how can the use of ICs be improved? A guidance document and associated Internet-based training course are planned.

ITRC has developed the Long-Term Contaminant Management Using Institutional Controls (IC-1) guidance in response to recent growth in the number of sites that are being managed through the use of institutional controls (ICs).