Classroom Training - MTBE & TBA: Comprehensive Site Assessment & Successful Groundwater Remediation

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Groundwater contamination from fuels is widespread throughout the United States. While there is a wealth of scientific information and conventional technology available for treating fuel hydrocarbons like benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylenes, substantially less is known about fuel constituents such as methly-tert-butyl ether (MTBE), tert-butyl alcohol (TBA), and other oxygenates that have been added to gasoline to increase octane ratings and reduce harmful, air-polluting combustion byproducts. This two-day training course is designed to enhance professional awareness of all technical issues related to MTBE and TBA. A top-notch group of instructors presented a balanced program offering theoretical and field-based studies covering site characterization, remediation, and technology implementation.

Learn more about MTBE & TBA in ITRC’s associated documents.

Dates Locations
August 10, 2005 San Francisco, CA
December 16, 2004 Denver, CO
MTBE & TBA: Comprehensive Site Assessment and Successful Groundwater Remediation


168 participants attended the classroom training on MTBE & TBA: Comprehensive Site Assessment & Successful Groundwater Remediation, 2004-2005.

Private Sector: 68, State / local Government 83, Federal Government: 16, and other: 1