(May 28, 2019) ITRC is seeking applicants for two ITRC Board of Advisors positions that open for three-year terms beginning in January 2020. The positions are a part of the eight-member voting ITRC Board of Advisors that is responsible for leadership management and strategic direction, in conjunction with the ITRC Director and ITRC Liaisons. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply according to the process described in this announcement.

The State At-Large Representative position is filled by a state agency employee with experience in cross-media representation. The representative will provide input on air, water, and land issues at the state level so that ITRC can continue to expand its non-remediation goals. The representative also ensures ITRC's communication and information exchange with air, water, and land state agencies/associations. For more information, click here or contact Ken Zarker, the current ITRC State Association Representative (ken.zarker@ecy.wa.gov, 360.407.6724).

The Public and Tribal Stakeholder Representative position represents the perspective of local communities and Native American Tribes on environmental issues that may be affecting their communities. The position is responsible for organizing and coordinating the work of ITRC public and tribal stakeholder members and provides communication and information exchange between these members and the ITRC leadership. For more information, click here or contact Kathy Owens (kowens@eicap.org, 208.521.3696), the current ITRC Public and Tribal Stakeholder Representative.

If you are interested in either position, please apply by providing ITRC with a one-page resume and a one-page statement of interest. The resume should list the nature of applicant's current employment, a brief employment history, and contact information for the applicant's supervisor. The statement-of-interest should detail the applicant's goals for the Board of Advisors position and ITRC in general. Applicants for this position will be asked to interview with the ITRC Co-Chairs and Director.

These materials should be submitted electronically to Patricia Reyes, ITRC Director, (preyes@ecos.org, 202.266.4933) by the end of the day on Friday, June 28. Each applicant will be acknowledged by the end of the next business day after receipt of application. Incomplete applications or applications not meeting the requirements listed here will not be accepted and will be returned electronically. ITRC will confirm applicant's eligibility for the position with the applicant's employer prior to appointment.