PFAS Events in 2020

Environmental Council of the States
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ITRC PFAS Training
Managing PFAS Contamination at Your Site
Minneapolis, MN | April 24, 2020

ECOS State Environmental Protection (STEP) Meeting
Partnering on PFAS
Washington, DC | July 30, 2020

November 21, 2019

Dear Friend of ECOS/ITRC:

The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) and its research arm, the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC), are pleased to announce two exciting PFAS events in 2020. The ITRC PFAS training workshop will be held on April 24 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the ECOS State Environmental Protection (STEP) Meeting will be held on July 30 in Washington, DC.

ECOS is the national nonprofit, nonpartisan association of state and territorial environmental agency leaders. As the research arm of ECOS, ITRC works to reduce barriers in the implementation of innovative environmental technologies and best practices through the work of its technical teams. Together, we would like to offer you the opportunity to collaborate with us. Please see below for more information on the sponsorship packages available for your participation in our events.

ITRC’s Managing PFAS Contamination at Your Site workshop will be led by interdisciplinary PFAS experts from state and federal government, academia, and the private sector, and immediately follows the organization’s 25th Anniversary Annual Meeting. ECOS’ STEP Meeting, Partnering on PFAS, will be an all-day policy summit exploring how state and federal regulators and a variety of stakeholders are coordinating to combat PFAS contamination.

ECOS and ITRC meetings and trainings are well attended and attract leaders from state environmental agencies; U.S. EPA, U.S. DOE, U.S. DOD, and other federal agencies; industry; and NGOs. The events serve as fantastic opportunities to not only learn and share ideas but also to network with other environmental leaders and experts. To discuss sponsorship for the ITRC Training, please contact Tadbir Singh at (202) 849-4980 or To discuss sponsorship for the ECOS STEP Meeting, please contact Sarah Grace Longsworth at (202) 266-4926 or I extend my sincere appreciation to you for considering support of ECOS’ and ITRC's 2020 PFAS conferences.

Donald S. Welsh
ECOS Executive Director

Sponsorship Opportunities for the ECOS and ITRC 2020 PFAS Events

All sponsors of either event will receive the following benefits:

  • Name/logo prominently listed on the ECOS or ITRC website and sponsors display at meeting
  • Exhibit space
  • Recognition during meeting opening remarks and in special meeting coverage in weekly newsletter ECOSWIRE and organization’s social media feeds
  • Complimentary attendance for one representative at VIP reception for states, speakers, and sponsors, with option to purchase additional VIP reception tickets (ECOS only)
  • Complimentary attendance for one representative at ITRC Training

Additional Sponsorship Benefits


  • Complimentary meeting registration for two representatives
  • One additional complimentary attendance for the VIP reception for states, speakers, and sponsors (total of two) (ECOS only)


  • Complimentary meeting registration for one representative (ECOS only)
  • Complimentary attendance for one additional representative at ITRC Training (ITRC only)


  • Your business or organization will receive all sponsor benefits.
Jim Macy
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy
ECOS President
Patrick McDonnell
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
ECOS Vice President
Ben Grumbles
Maryland Department of the Environment
ECOS Secretary-Treasurer
Becky Keogh
Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment
ECOS Past President
Donald Welsh
ECOS Executive Director