Board of Advisors

A nine-member Board of Advisors provides the overall direction for ITRC. Representatives from funding agencies serve as Board of Advisors Liaisons.


ITRC is a program of the Environmental Council of States (ECOS). Staff at ECOS provide management and coordination of ITRC's activities.

State Points of Contact

States active in ITRC assign a staff member from their environmental agency to serve as an ITRC Point of Contact (POC). POCs help convey information about ITRC to their state, as well as to other environmental professionals within their states.


Each ITRC Team is led by one or two volunteers from a state environmental agency. ITRC Teams are supported by contractors referred to as Program Advisors.


ITRC's Training Program assists with ITRC's advancement of innovative environmental decision-making by helping ITRC create and deliver high-quality training courses.