ITRC Project Proposals

2024 Project Proposals

Vapor Intrusion (VI) Pathway Evaluation and Mitigation (PDF)
CEC Biologicals (PDF)
Climate Workgroup (PDF)
PFAS Update (PDF)

2023 Project Proposals

Tire Chemicals of Emerging Concern: Use and Fate of Tire Anti-Degradants (PDF)
Passive Sampling Technology Update (PDF)
Reuse of Solid Mining Waste (PDF)
Remediation of Contaminant Mass in Low Permeability and Heterogeneous Matrices (PDF)

2022 Project Proposals

Framework for Chemicals of Emerging Concern(PDF)
Sediment Cap Update(PDF)
Enhanced Aquifer Recharge (PDF)
Ethylene Oxide Emissions - EtO (PDF)

2021 Project Proposals

Environmental Data Management for Best Practices (PDF)
Effective Application of Multiple ITRC Guidance Documents to Hydrocarbon Sites (PDF)
Microplastics (PDF)
Performance-Based Optimization of Pump and Treat Systems (PDF)
ITRC QUEST – Quickening Environmental Solutions and Training (PDF)

2020 Project Proposals

PFAS Team - Updating Information and Training (PDF)
Use of Soil Background Concentrations in Risk Assessment (PDF)

2019 Project Proposals

1,4-Dioxane Proposal (PDF)
Green and Sustainable Remediation Update with Resilience to Extreme Weather Events (PDF)
Strategies for Preventing and Managing Harmful Cyanobacteria Blooms (PDF)
Training for Vapor Mitigation (PDF)

2018 Project Proposals

2018 ITRC State Environmental Priorities (PDF)
Implementing Use of Advanced Site Characterization Tools (PDF)
Optimizing-In-Situ Remediation Performance and Injection Strategies (PDF)

2017 Project Proposals

Environmental Releases of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) (PDF)

2016 Project Proposals

Evaluation of Innovative Methane Detection Technologies (PDF)
Geophysical Classification Quality Assurance (PDF)
Integrated DNAPL Site Strategy Training (PDF)
LNAPL Update (PDF)
Risk Based Decision Making at Petroleum Contaminated Sites (PDF)

2015 Project Proposals

Bioavailability in Contaminated Soil (PDF)
Characterization and Remediation in Fractured Bedrock (PDF)
Passive Sampling in Sediments and Surface Water (PDF)
Stormwater BMP Pollution-Reduction Determinations and Performance Verification (PDF)
Stormwater Infiltration at Contaminated Properties (PDF)

2014 Project Proposals

Characterization and Remediation of Contamination in Fractured Bedrock (PDF)
Geostatistics for Remediation Optimization (PDF)
Long Term Contaminant Management Using Institutional Controls (PDF)
Public Access to Data Base of Long-Term Stewardship Requirements and Effectiveness (PDF)
Remediation of Complex Sites: Case Studies and Guidance (PDF)
Risk Based Decision Making at Petroleum Contaminated Sites (PDF)
Sediment Porewater Passive Sampling (PDF)
Transition Assessment and Projecting Remediation Performance (PDF)
Training for Environmental Molecular Diagnostics (PDF)
Training for Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (PDF)

2012 Project Proposals

Enhanced Attenuation of Metals and Radionuclides in Groundwater (PDF)
Geophysical Prove-outs for Munitions Response Projects (PDF)
Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (PDF)
Revitalization of Federal Cleanup Lands for Energy Investments and Sustainability (PDF)
Risk Assessment Guidance and Training (PDF)
Update to DNAPL Site Characterization (PDF)
WLA/BMP Planning Approach/Tool (PDF)

2011 Project Proposals

Biochemical Reactors to Treat Metals in Mining-Influenced Water (PDF)
DNAPL Site Characterization Document Update to Technical/Regulatory (PDF)
Groundwater Statistics and Monitoring Compliance (revised 4/07/10 per Board of Advisors direction during preliminary evaluation) (PDF)
Strategy for Remedial Decision-Making at Contaminated Sediment Sites (PDF)