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ITRC offers a network of leading environmental experts and program leaders to participate in virtual and in-person conferences, workshops, training events, and presentations. We engage with various audiences including governments, industry, and academia.

What We Offer: 

  • Training: ITRC has readily available trainings and materials on our extensive library of guidance documents, tools, and resources that address a wide range of environmental challenges.
  • Organizational briefings: Gain insights into ITRC's work and mission through presentations, posters, and other outreach mechanisms.
  • Promotional: Learn more about the work of our current ITRC Project Teams.
  • Diverse perspectives and practical solutions: Our experts represent various stakeholder groups, offering in-depth knowledge and practical solutions for complex environmental issues.

Who can request ITRC participation? 

Any individual or organization, including a current ITRC member or trainer.

Is ITRC a Good Fit for Your Event?

We prioritize events that:

  • Align with ITRC's mission and goals.
  • Support state government audiences as a priority and attract a broader audience including stakeholders from various government, industry, and academic sectors.
  • Offer opportunities for interaction and networking with our ITRC trainers and presenters.

Interested in bringing ITRC to your event? 

Complete the Online Request Form Here

  • All requests will be reviewed and approved by the ITRC Director. Please allow up to 5 business days for a response or decision.
  • Requests and approval are required prior to submitting an abstract or agreeing to participate in an event.

If you are approved to attend an event, ITRC requires:

  • Time to review slides prior to the event (5-15 business days depending on the size of the slide deck).
  • A report on the number of attendees in the session after the event.
  • Pictures! Let us share your success on Social Media.


Contact ITRC Director Charles Reyes at