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Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council

Advancing Environmental Solutions

To achieve healthy and sustainable air, water, land, and ecology through the adoption of innovative solutions

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Internet-Based Training - Connecting the Science to Managing LNAPL Sites – Part 1


Internet-Based Training - TPH Risk Evaluation at Petroleum-Contaminated Sites


Internet-Based Training - Integrated DNAPL Site Characterization


Internet-Based Training - Connecting the Science to Managing LNAPL Sites – Part 2

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About ITRC

To develop information resources and processes to break down barriers to the use of technically sound innovative solutions for healthy communities, economy and environment.

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Conduct online and classroom training courses to complement and enhance our guidance documents.

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Build consensus around environmental challenges and be ready to focus resources on developing innovative approaches to address those challenges.

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ITRC publishes documents that broaden and deepen technical knowledge and expedite quality decision-making when faced with environmental challenges.

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Establish your organization as a key force in improving the use of innovative environmental technologies and processes.

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