(February 28, 2017) SERDP and ESTCP, financial partners and technical contributors to ITRC's guidance development efforts, offer free webinars to promote the transfer of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions from sponsored research and technology demonstrations. Two upcoming SERDP & ESTCP webinars will feature Department of Defense (DoD) research in the environmental restoration program area. The first seminar on award-winning projects will feature Dr. Andy Martin and Dr. Steven Larson of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center. Dr. Martin will present on the use of lime to immobilize metals and transform explosives found in soil and surface water runoff from active military training areas. Dr. Larson will discuss the use of a concentrated natural biopolymer for soil erosion control. The second seminar on March 23 will focus on munitions constituent (MC) projects and will feature three speakers, Dr. Todd Bridges and Dr. Gui Lotufo (U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center) and Mr. Gunther Rosen (SPAWAR System Center). Dr. Bridges and Dr. Lotufo will discuss the review and synthesis of evidence regarding environmental risks posed by MC in aquatic systems. Mr. Rosen will describe the validation of passive sampling devices for monitoring MC in underwater environments. For more information and to register for these free webinars, please visit https://www.serdp-estcp.org/Tools-and-Training/Webinar-Series.