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About ITRC

We are a state-led coalition working to reduce barriers to the use of innovative air, water, waste, and remediation environmental technologies and processes.

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Environmental Justice

Given the values and goals of ITRC, Environmental Justice lies at the forefront of organizational functions and work. View ITRC's full Environmental Justice Statement for more about these commitments.

Environmental Justice Statement

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Diversity, equity, inclusion and transparency are embodied within the core values of ITRC. They are fulfilled in the pursuit of ITRC’s mission and vision. ITRC’s Membership Code of Conduct requires every member to work towards team consensus and collaboration. ITRC requires diverse perspectives that provide the knowledge and skills to address all environmental challenges in pursuit of developing innovative products.

Guidance Materials

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ITRC Training

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Federal Partners

With public and private sector members from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, ITRC truly provides a national perspective. Federal partners provide funding for ITRC project teams, as well as participate in teams to provide expertise.

Industry Affiliates Program

ITRC brings together a diverse mix of environmental experts to broaden and deepen technical knowledge and advance the regulatory acceptance of environmental technologies. Together, we’re building the environmental community’s ability to expedite quality decision making, while protecting human health and the environment.

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