David Tsao, Ph.D. (BP) – Industry Representative
Dr. David Tsao is the Americas Technology Manager for BP’s Remediation Engineering & Technology group located in Naperville, IL. David is responsible for technical specialists coordinating, developing, and implementing the clean up and prevention strategies for a broad range of remediation sites. He has been involved in cleanup activities at a wide variety of sites administered through state and federal programs (or equivalent international programs). He has made numerous presentations at professional conferences and co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and textbooks. David has held many professional positions such as Chair of API’s Soil and Groundwater Technical Task Force, Chair of the Science Advisory Committee for U.S. EPA’s Midwest Hazardous Substance Research Center, Industrial Partner on the U.S. DOE’s joint program with the Russian Academy of Sciences, BioChem Strike Team Leader for the Deepwater Horizon response, senior editor for the International Journal of Phytoremediation, and is the President of the International Phytotechnology Society. Since 1998, he has actively contributed to a dozen ITRC Teams such as Phytotechnologies, Wetlands, Ecological Land Reuse, MTBE, Biofuels, Mining, Biochemical Reactors, Enhanced Molecular Diagnostics, and Petroleum Vapor Intrusion. Through his participation on various ITRC teams, he has received several Industry Recognition Awards. David has a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.