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About ITRC

The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) is a state-led coalition of regulators, industry experts, stakeholders, academia, and federal partners that work to achieve regulatory acceptance of innovative environmental technologies. ITRC is working to break down barriers and reduce compliance costs, making it easier to use new technologies and helping to maximize resources. ITRC brings together a diverse mix of environmental experts to broaden and deepen technical knowledge and advance the regulatory acceptance of environmental technologies. Together, we're building the environmental community's ability to expedite quality decision making, while protecting human health and the environment.

Industry Affiliates Program

ITRC welcomes you to its Industry Affiliates Program (IAP). Establish your organization as a key force in improving the use of innovative environmental technologies and processes.

Joining IAP allows your organization to:

  • Participate in the development of uniform national guidances and standards
  • Co-author guidance documents and fact sheets
  • Anticipate important technical and regulatory developments
  • Engage with state and federal regulators
  • Network with subject matter experts
  • Gain exposure in the environmental industry
  • Consider In-Kind support opportunities

Membership Details

  • Join by clicking the green button above, or by visiting: IAP Application
  • Membership is per calendar year
  • IAP dues are based on the company's total number of employees worldwide
  • To keep the size of the teams manageable, ITRC recommends no more than two individuals from a company or trade association actively participate on a team

Additional Benefits

Platinum Member: Large logo/acknowledgment on ITRC signs at meetings & website; two free classroom training registrations; and free registration and exhibit space at our annual meeting

Gold Member: Large logo/acknowledgment on ITRC signs at meetings & website; 25% discount on classroom training registration; and free registration for all employees at our annual meeting

Standard Member: Smaller logo/acknowledgment on website; and discounted registration for all employees at our annual meeting

Membership Dues

Company Standard Member

  • 1-5 Employees: $250
  • 6-19 Employees: $500
  • 20-49 Employees: $2,500
  • 50-74 Employees: $5,000
  • 75+ Employees: $7,500

Trade Association Standard Member: $5,000

Company/Association Gold Member: $15,000

Company/Association Platinum Member: $25,000

Value of ITRC

Liz Denly, TRC, says, "Our staff at TRC have relied upon ITRC technicalregulatory guidance documents and webinars for many years. Now, as an IAP member, we are able to be part of the process and contribute to these important documents. It has been a rewarding experience for TRC to participate in the ITRC model of broad collaboration and consensus-building with multiple stakeholders."

Dan Bryant, Woodard & Curran, says, "I have been an IAP member for 10 years. I find great professional value in the documents we have produced, drawing on the interaction with many very experienced and talented people who have a wide range of backgrounds, training, and perspectives. We also benefit from the personal and networking relationships developed over the years. It is a great investment!"

Jeremy Musson, Pinyon Environmental, says, "As a small business our internal resources for technology development are limited by both time and money, so ITRC is a great way to keep up with new developments and meet the experts leading the charge. I frequently reach out to some of those people I met during the first few years when we are faced with a particularly challenging situation on our projects."

Paul Parmentier, Apex Companies, says, "The ITRC discussion on Natural Source Zone Depletion prompted us to gather more data from our site, including background temperature measurements. We are very grateful to the ITRC webinar's timely distribution of state-of-theart science because it provides extremely useful information to guide our site cleanup."

Paul Beam, DOE, "We believe the collegial interaction among regulators, stakeholders, and our consultants in the development of ITRC guidance documents has a long-term benefit to accelerate the use of innovative remediation technologies and closure at our sites."

Platinum Members

Gold Members

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Standard Members

Hers Environmental Consulting, Inc.
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Kaastrup Consulting, LLC
Linda C. Hall, PhD
Patton Environmental
Thomas Johnson Associates
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Listing of logos is for purposes of acknowledging private sector membership and support and does not constitute an endorsement of any organization or its products. ECOS, ERIS, ITRC, and member organizations do not intend to endorse nor attempt to determine the merits of any specific proprietary technology or process.

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