2012 Spring Meeting

ITRC’s 2012 Spring Meeting was held April 16-20 in Des Moines, IA. The meeting was attended by 269 members and guests.

The 2012 Spring Membership Meeting offered environmental professionals who are ITRC members from across the country an opportunity to network and collaborate on innovative approaches to solving environmental challenges. As always, this meeting continued to focus on our members by providing the following:

  • Meetings for all 2012 ITRC Teams, including the following (please visit the membership page to become a member of any of ITRC's Teams):
    • Biochemical Reactors for Mining-Influenced Waters
    • Contaminated Sediments - Remediation
    • DNAPL Site Characterization
    • Environmental Molecular Diagnostics
    • Geophysical Classification for Munitions Response
    • Groundwater Statistics and Monitoring Compliance
    • Incremental Sampling Methodology
    • Petroleum Vapor Intrusion
    • Risk Assessment
  • Discussions about ITRC's direction with ITRC's Board of Advisors and Director during the Wednesday morning Plenary Session,
  • Opportunities to expand network in the environmental community through participation in the Tuesday evening reception,
  • Engagement with ITRC project teams during Technical Sessions enabling members to discover more about innovative strategies other teams are pursuing for 2012 and beyond. ITRC membership was introduced to three new implementation products: Green and Sustainable Remediation, Integrated DNAPL Site Strategy, and Incremental Sampling Methodology.

2012 Spring Meeting Location

April 16-20, 2012
Des Moines Marriott Downtown
700 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
Tel: 1-515-245-5500

2012 Spring Meeting Exhibitors

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