Lifetime Achievement Award:

Tom SchneiderTom Schneider

  • Involved with ITRC since 1998:
    • Served on multiple teams and Team Leader for 2 Radionuclides Teams
    • Ohio POC
    • Board At-Large State Representative in 2012
    • Co-Chair 2013 to April 2017 overseeing major enhancements (Strategic Plan, Remediation Plus, new federal partners and ERIS restructuring)
  • Represented Ohio on various national organizations addressing cleanup of federal facilities including State and Tribal Governments Working Group, National Governors Association Federal Facilities Task Force, and ECOS Federal Facilities Forum
  • Ohio Trustee representative implementing largest natural resources damages settlement against the federal government for contamination at Fernald
  • Currently Federal Facilities Program Administrator in the Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization


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Environmental Excellence Awards:

Jim HarringtonJim Harrington

  • Part of ITRC since its inception in 1995:
    • Played an integral role in the creation and establishment of ITRC's strategic direction and functions
  • ITRC Team Leader Liaison to the Board
  • Team leader for 4 teams
  • IBT Trainer for Vapor Intrusion & ISS Teams
  • Served as Point of Contact for New York since 1995
  • Currently a Director in the Division of Environmental Remediation at NY Department of Environmental Conservation and will retire in 2017

Jeff HeimermanJeff Heimerman

  • EPA Liaison to the ITRC Board from 1995 to early 2000's
  • Pioneered the development and use of online tools to share ITRC content
  • Founded EPA’s TechDirect
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of:
    • Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN)
    • Brownfields Technical Support Center
    • Field Analytical Technologies Encyclopedia (FATE)
  • Currently Senior Advisor, Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation

Mike MurphyMichael Murphy

  • With ITRC and ECOS for over 9 years
  • ITRC Board of Advisors member for 7 years
  • Co-Chair 2012 to Jan. 2017 – overseeing major ITRC enhancements (Strategic Plan, Remediation Plus, new federal partners and ERIS restructuring)
  • Currently an emeritus stakeholder member of Methane Detection Team
    • Over 30 years helping advance environmental technology:
      • Director of Virginia DEQ’s Division of Environmental Enhancement for over 15 years
      • Last 6 years Director of the Virginia DEQ Piedmont Regional Office
      • Retiring from VADEQ in 2017

Charles NewellCharles J. Newell, PE, PhD

  • VP of GSI Environmental Inc. and Adjunct Professor at Rice University:
    • Over 20 years of experience with fate, transport, and remediation of soil and groundwater contaminants
  • Co-authored 5 USEPA publications, 12 environmental decision support software systems, over 60 technical articles, & 2 books
  • Served as Principal or Co-Principal Investigator on numerous DoD SERDP/ESTCP projects
  • Worked with ITRC for >10 years as a team member on several teams:
    • Co-authored many technical documents
    • Served as an instructor for both online and classroom courses
    • Helped recruit other leading experts to participate in ITRC work groups

David TsaoDr. David Tsao

  • Involved with ITRC for over 19 years:
    • Participated in 13 technical teams
    • Industry Representative on the Board of Advisors since 2013 & Coordinates many Board special projects
  • Currently BPs Americas Technology Manager for Remediation Engineering and Technology
  • Co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and textbooks
  • Held many professional positions:
    • Chair of the Science Advisory Committee for USEPA's Midwest Hazardous Substance Research Center
    • Industrial Partner on the DOE's joint program with the Russian Academy of Sciences
    • BioChem Strike Team Leader for the Deepwater Horizon response