Archived Internet-based Training Courses Customer Quotes

Here is what our customers say about this no-cost resource:

Thanks you for the valuable and enlightening session.

-- Site Owner (April 2015)

A great way to inexpensively fulfill continuing education requirements and obtain a variety of environmental knowledge.

-- Environmental Consultant (April 2015)

I love ITRC presentations, they have the main issues in our business covered and allow you to quick get up to speed if you don't have the experience on a topic yet - thanks!

-- Environmental Consultant (March 2015)

ITRC trainings fill in many gaps. They are a great source of information that falls between formal education and learning practical applications on the job, providing information that can be hard to obtain anywhere else.

-- Environmental Consultant (March 2015)

ITRC training courses are most helpful. Since they are so topic specific, one can pick and choose classes that are relevant to their work. And because they always reference their guidance documents on their website, I feel like there's always assistance available. And they're free and so easily accessible (no driving to hotel classes). They provide very practical, useful information.

-- Environmental Consultant (March 2015)

I have attended several ITRC webinars. They are very valuable to me to gain information as an engineer in a small consulting firm with little opportunity to travel or pay big bucks for a training course. They build on information I already know, but then add the in-depth applications, strategies, and flowcharts that I would not have come up with on my own. The courses give me confidence in dealing with my clients that I am using up-to-date techniques on their issues. Thank you.

-- Environmental Consultant (February 2015)

Training has been used to keep regulators and consultants on the same page regarding best practices and research backing up those practices.

-- Environmental Consultant (January 2015)

ITRC training is part of my employee development program.

-- State Regulator (January 2015)

ITRC is very valuable to me from an educational perspective and a go-to resource that reflects the collective input and experience across government, academia and industry.

-- Site Owner

First training class with ITRC. As a new employee, this was a great way for me to prepare myself for future projects I might be working on.

-- State Regulator

I participate in ITRC training and teams because I believe the knowledge transfer to be invaluable. I liken their training events to that of being able to harvest knowledge from experienced colleagues; it seems, sometimes, ITRC is the only place to go for current technology driven information known to have been derived from professionals who have...been there and done that!

-- State Regulator

The online courses help expand my technical knowledge while satisfying annual continuing education requirements.

-- U.S. Air Force Participant

...As a relatively new member in the environmental consulting world programs such as these are a key opportunity to gain valuable knowledge.

-- Environmental Consultant

I have gotten more out of the 2 ITRC seminars I have taken than any of the courses or conferences I have spent thousands of dollars on…

-- Environmental Consultant

...In the present world with webinars offered by many organizations, ITRC webinars set a very high standard to be matched by the others: timely topics, good quality…

-- Environmental Consultant

ITRC web-based training courses provide a means for me to acquire training in topics that I couldn't otherwise study.

-- State Regulator

Thanks to all the ITRC team for their passion to provide continued improvement in the industry and bring this knowledge at no cost to the participants.

-- Environmental Consultant

It [ITRC training] is an invaluable resource of technically rigorous free material that you just don't find anywhere else. For the young engineer entering into this field it is like a self-paced college course taught by leaders in the field.

-- Environmental Consultant

Internet simulcast training: best thing since sliced bread. Thanks for offering an easy way to receive training without leaving the office or spending money. Good content, practical advice. I will do this again!

-- Washington State Regulator

This is very cost effective training for interested stakeholders. This has opened new horizon of Problem Solving Approach.

-- Community Stakeholder

I really, really appreciate the format! With budget restrictions everywhere, it's encouraging to know there's a way to get current and practical information.

-- Louisiana State Regulator

Thank you for this valuable training. I can put it to use immediately .

-- Participant from U.S. Army

I felt this training course was excellent . . . well designed, and the instructors were quite knowledgeable of the subject. The graphics and illustrations were also excellent . . . Thanks for an informative 2 hours!

-- Nebraska State Regulator

I appreciated not needing to travel . . . very efficient for me. Your participants/instructors had a valuable exchange of information.

-- Environmental Consultant

Many thanks to everyone for this course. This is a great way to learn - much better than sitting in a classroom!

-- Participant from U.S. EPA, Region 4

Great format for continuing education . . . all the benefits without the cost .   

-- Environmental Consultant

Wonderfully done, very professional, and timely structured .

-- Community Stakeholder

Thank you for your excellent presentation ! I am a new recruit, and I really appreciate all the available courses and information that ITRC provides.

-- Nevada State Regulator

This training gave me an excellent basic overview with enough specifics that would direct me where to go for more in-depth information.

-- Pennsylvania State Regulator

Thank you for the insight and vast experience that the presenters provided.

-- Environmental Consultant

Instructors' credentials and experience were very impressive.

-- Participant from U.S. Air Force

Thanks for a great training. It made me aware of what I need to look for when reviewing performance at my DNAPL site.

-- Washington State Regulator

I appreciate the opportunity to participate. This has been valuable to my day to day experiences.

-- Participant from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Excellent presentation - should be good tool for raising awareness and acceptance of these techniques by regulators and industry.

-- Environmental Consultant

ITRC provides great training - I took the "Historical Docs Review" course, and I'm using the material now as we investigate our site. Thanks!

-- Participant from U.S. Navy

Thanks, this webminar provided useful information that I can use as a foundation and reference to research further information.

-- Environmental Consultant

Great job with the guidance documents and training. They will be valuable resources for many practitioners.

-- Site Owner

This was a very effective venue for us to provide information to numerous people with a minimal interruption of their work processes.
-- Oregon State Regulator

Thank you. The opportunity to participate in these presentations is a tremendous service .

-- Technology Vendor

I really appreciate this type of training. The convenience is top notch - I don't have to leave the office.

-- Participant from U.S. Air Force

I like the ease of access to the training course that is formatted well and informative . Keep it up. Thank You

-- Pennsylvania State Regulator

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