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The group discussion on the practice case study was beneficial in the aspect that regulators and consultants got to hash it out and get views from other sides of the issue.

-- State Regulator (May 2016)

The group project was great, it really made the lessons come alive, and I learned from my group members their take compared to mine.

-- State Regulator (September 2016)

Very good delivery. I also appreciate the detailed workbook and interactive clicker participation questions throughout presentations! I appreciate the examples and real-world experience.

-- EPA Participant (November 2016)

This is actually one of the best/the best trainings I have had in a long time. Materials were great. Presenters were awesome and kept interest of the class up. Great Job! Loved the site exercise, very original.

-- EPA Participant (November 2016)

The practice exercise was very useful.

-- DoD Participant (November 2016)

Useful, valuable, applicable.

-- Environmental Consultant (May 2016)

Course is well organized with effective delivery by instructors with diverse backgrounds. Good practice exercises.

-- Environmental Consultant (May 2016)

Great variety of speakers, content excellent, logical; leaves attendees feeling confident with using [ITRC] guidance.

-- Environmental Consultant (November 2016)

Awesome workshop!! Learned a lot of new things and reinforced what I already know.

-- Environmental Consultant (November 2016)

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ITRC’s Internet-based Training Courses Customer Quotes

Here is what our customers say about this no-cost resource:

ITRC is an excellent source of free training for State & Local regulators.

-- Indiana State Regulator (June 2016)

Thank you for organizing these webinars and making them free and accessible for everyone. My agency and I both appreciate you offering the Certificate of Attendance, too. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work!

-- Illinois State Regulator (August 2016)

I am glad that the webinar was recorded and that I can view it again. I am certain that I can learn more by viewing multiple times.

-- Kansas State Regulator (February 2016)

I am a relatively new Project Manager and I believe that these documents will be very important in my future work and career.

-- West Virginia State Regulator (January 2016)

I am so very thankful that I was given access to ITRC a few years back as the references and resources have been of great value to me not only as solid waste but as environmental issues that spans across solid waste, gravel and sand operations, ...

-- Utah State Regulator (February 2016)

I really appreciate the ITRC teams work. They do an excellent job that contribute to all people who work with the environmental protection and restoration. Congratulations by this initiative and thank you.

-- Environmental Consultant (December 2016)

I am new to environmental consulting and have learned a lot about applying the science to real world situations. Thank you very much for these educational webinars.

-- Environmental Consultant (October 2016)

High-quality, professional guidance docs and training opportunities has become ITRC's norm. The profession needs such resources. Thanks!

-- Environmental Consultant (October 2016)

Thanks for the opportunity to get better at what we do!

-- Environmental Consultant (January 2016)

I was captivated by this seminar!!! I loved the case studies and the interpretation of data was valuable to me.

-- International Participant (February 2016)

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