(November 13, 2018) The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) is excited to release its guidance document, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) Risk Evaluation at Petroleum-Contaminated Sites!

The TPH team has developed a guidance document to assist state regulators and practitioners with evaluating risk and establishing cleanup requirements at petroleum release sites.

Risk evaluations for petroleum release sites present complex and unique challenges to site managers, risk assessors, regulators, and other stakeholders. This guidance builds on long-standing and current research, presents the current science and understanding of TPH risk characterization, and provides methods and procedures to evaluate risk and establish cleanup requirements at petroleum release sites.

This guidance will help practitioners:

  • Assist with TPH characterization (e.g., contaminant delineation and sample location selection) for petroleum release sites
  • Select appropriate analytical testing to obtain data and conduct an effective TPH-specific risk evaluation
  • Identify stakeholders and prepare for community engagement

This guidance will help regulators:

  • Understand which laboratory analyses are appropriate for which situations
  • Be aware of the tools that can be used to develop site-specific target levels/cleanup goals
  • Understand how to use TPH data to evaluate risk independent of indicator compounds (e.g., BTEXN)
  • Understand when the use of silica gel cleanup (SGC) is appropriate
  • Be able to communicate the risk of TPH to the public

Click here to access the document!

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TPH Team at the 2018 ITRC Annual Meeting