Membership Details

ITRC members have the unique opportunity to develop innovative products based on collaboration and consensus!

Who can be a member?

Participants from a wide variety of organizations and agencies are invited to apply for membership in ITRC. ITRC members include environmental professionals from state and federal environmental regulatory agencies, federal agency representatives (e.g., Department of Defense, Department of Energy), the private sector, public/tribal/emeritus stakeholder organizations, and academia. To become a member of ITRC, applicants must join an ITRC Team or be part of an ITRC Program Area (e.g., State Engagement, Board, Training).

Before applicants from the private sector (industry, consultants, vendors, and trade associations) can participate in ITRC, their organization must join the Industry Affiliates Program (IAP).

What does membership entail?

Project success relies on individual contributions and therefore teams expect that approved team members will actively participate to the extent their schedule allows.

A typical member's participation might include:

  • Participation in team conference calls
  • Attendance at ITRC meetings/conferences
  • Writing and reviewing documents
  • Providing educational information on technologies
  • Providing market information on site technology needs

How do I join a Technical Team?

ITRC team membership is open to all active ITRC members. To join an ITRC Team, register for an ITRC Connect Member account, or log in to an existing account, and select Team Registration under the Support tab. ITRC members can register for teams as either Active Members or Interested Parties

Active Member: A team member that plans to participate in monthly team calls and product development, taking on writing roles or offering guidance and participating in internal reviews.

Interested Party: A team member that does not plan to participate in product development or regularly attend team calls, but is joining the team to observe and learn.

What are the benefits of membership?

ITRC membership benefits different participants in a variety of ways, as listed below. All members benefit by participating in a national network of environmental experts to gain cutting-edge information on the deployment of innovative technologies.

The benefits of ITRC participation to state regulators include:

  • Increased knowledge base and confidence in decision-making when evaluating new environmental technologies
  • Time and cost-saving by relying on ITRC’s free guidance documents when developing state guidance
  • Free training and knowledge on how to use innovative environmental technologies/approaches
  • Access to peers and experts in other regulatory agencies
  • Shortened learning curve by obtaining advanced knowledge of innovative technologies/approaches
  • Leadership and professional development

The benefits of ITRC participation to federal government agencies include:

  • Provides tech transfer of processes and technologies developed by the federal government
  • Opportunities to author national guidance documents and participate in training courses as instructors
  • Increased knowledge base and confidence in decision-making when evaluating new environmental technologies
  • Increased interaction between federal managers and state regulators
  • Increased consistency of regulatory requirements for similar cleanup problems in different states
  • Reduced uncertainties when preparing cleanup plans
  • Increased use of innovative and cost-effective environmental solutions by states and others

The benefits of ITRC participation to the private sector include:

  • Learn about cutting-edge information on innovative environmental technologies and approaches
  • Opportunities to author national guidance documents and participate in training courses as instructors
  • Insight into the regulatory world
  • Access to multiple state and federal government entities
  • Opportunity for a broader review of technology
  • A national approach to demonstration and deployment of new technology
  • Mechanism to identify and integrate regulatory performance expectations among states

Who establishes ITRC Teams?

ITRC's Board of Advisors reviews and selects proposals and topics for ITRC Teams. Typically, extensive input from the ITRC membership and funders is used during the planning process to determine which Teams ITRC pursues. The ITRC Planning page contains more about the planning process, including past Team proposals.

Is travel assistance available?

As resources allow, travel costs for attendance at ITRC meetings and other conferences are reimbursed for eligible and approved state employees, academics, and public/tribal/emeritus stakeholders participants. Please see ITRC’s Travel Reimbursement Policy for more information on travel reimbursement.

Is membership transferable?

Membership and its benefits, including travel assistance, cannot be transferred to others.

What is ITRC Connect?

ITRC Connect is the primary platform for member engagement and participation in ITRC, and therefore only ITRC members have access to the Connect site. ITRC Connect Communities provide a forum for information exchange and technology transfer among members. ITRC Connect Communities allow collaboration on developing surveys, writing guidance documents, and creating training curricula. cs

What are ITRC Connect communities?

ITRC Connect Communities are the virtual spaces where members can participate in the development of team products, engage with other ITRC members and ITRC Staff, and manage their community involvement. Please view the Active Teams page for a list of the current ITRC Active Connect Communities.

What if I still have questions?

Email Project Associate Devin Seckar for additional information about ITRC membership.