Membership Details

Who can be a member?

ITRC is a national coalition focused on creating tools and strategies to reduce interstate barriers to the deployment of innovative environmental technologies. Membership is FREE to environmental professionals representing:
  • State Government Agencies
  • U.S. Federal, Tribal, & Local Government Agencies
  • International Government
  • Academia
  • Public and Emeritus Stakeholders
  • State Non-Profit Associations
Membership is also available to private sector companies and private trade associations through the ITRC Industry Affiliates Program (IAP).  Companies and Associations can join the IAP on a calendar year or half-year basis, which allows for their employees to participate in ITRC Project Teams and Programs.

Why should I join ITRC?

ITRC members are part of a global network of environmental professionals representing government agencies, private industry, academia, and public stakeholders.  Benefits include:
  • Contributing to ITRC Project Teams and their deliverables including co-authoring new guidance materials, and creating and delivering new training resources
  • Learning and sharing knowledge about environmental technologies and regulatory developments to assist in decision-making
  • Networking opportunities
  • Leadership, teamwork and professional development
  • Access to free or discounted virtual and in-person training and meetings

How do I become an ITRC Member?

ITRC members must join an ITRC Project Team or Program. 
  • ITRC Project Teams fulfill our Mission by developing innovative products to provide the knowledge and skills to address environmental challenges. 
  • ITRC Programs support our Mission by promoting our work and providing advice to the membership. Learn more about each ITRC Program:  

Have any questions?

Email Marguerite Bennett for additional information about ITRC membership or questions about joining an ITRC Team or Program.