Performance-Based Optimization of Pump and Treat Systems

Team Lifespan: July 2021 - June 2023

ITRC's Pump & Treat Optimization Team aims to develop technical guidance materials and training modules that summarize existing information and best practices while also developing a systemic and adaptive optimization framework specifically for P&T well-network design and management. For more information on this team, click here to view the Pump & Treat Fact Sheet.


Pump-and-treat (P&T) systems have been one of the most commonly used methods for hydraulic containment and treatment of contaminated groundwater at sites with large groundwater plumes. This method cleans up groundwater contaminated with dissolved chemicals by pumping groundwater from wells to an above-ground treatment system that removes the contaminants. Optimization of P&T remedies is important for maintaining contaminant removal effectiveness throughout the operation lifetime and managing the system toward an exit strategy.

A strategy for routine optimization of P&T remedies is key for maintaining the contaminant removal efficiency of these systems. 

Michael Sexton