Quickening Environmental Solutions and Training (QUEST)

Team Lifespan: July 2021 - June 2023

The ITRC Quickening Environmental Solutions and Training (QUEST) team seeks to quicken knowledge transfer and eliminate the gap between new and old environmental employees, highlighting accepted best practices and creating a bridge by extracting core concepts from the wealth of ITRC published products into an accessible format. This will be accomplished through development of trainings, video modules and web tools, incorporating existing ITRC products to help new environmental program staff gain rapid exposure to years of lessons learned and proven best practices, helping them better understand the nuances of the environmental profession. From these products, ITRC will be able to expand its outreach within the broader environmental community by providing relevant, accessible educational resources for its next generation of professionals. Click here to view the QUEST Fact Sheet.


As the environmental profession has progressed over the last decade, it has lost both technical expertise and project management efficiency. We have seen a considerable loss of knowledge and experience from employees retiring as well as from economic reductions leading to the loss of experienced staff. At the same time, the profession has endeavored to stay abreast of newer remediation technologies and products to more effectively and efficiently address environmental impacts across multiple media. Meanwhile, an influx of new employees and inexperienced staff has created a significant demand for training and educational products to quicken their competencies as technical project managers and environmental professionals. ITRC has produced an abundance of technical resources throughout its history, but it is often difficult for new staff to identify pertinent resources.

Team Leaders

Thomas Wallace

Program Advisor