Click HERE to access the Risk Communication Toolkit Fact Sheet and the Risk Communication Toolkit.

The ITRC Risk Communication Training team is working on an online Risk Communication workshop. The team is open to invited trainers and ITRC members. If you are interested in this team and are not currently affliated with the Risk Communication Toolkit, please contact [email protected] 

The ITRC Risk Communication Toolkit provides a brief overview of risk communication, walks through the steps in developing a communication plan and stakeholder outreach activities, presents an overview of risk communication concepts, applies these principles in case studies, and includes various tools to facilitate risk communication plan development. The Additional Information section includes various tools to facilitate risk communication plan development and stakeholder outreach activities. This toolkit is applicable to current, immediate, and emerging environmental issues and concerns. Tools are generally applicable to environmental issues and concerns. This toolkit will be updated with links to case studies published by future ITRC teams.