(October 1, 2018) The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) is excited to release its guidance document, Evaluation of Innovative Methane Detection Technologies.

The Methane guidance document provides an overview of existing and emerging methane detection technologies and their applications. Although primarily for use in the oil and gas supply chain, certain technologies may be applicable in other areas as well, which the document does not cover. The document provides the framework for industry and the regulatory community to evaluate and select the best methods to identify leaks or reduce emissions.

This document is intended for a wide audience including regulatory staff, technology developers and vendors, oil and gas producers, transmission companies, distribution utilities, and others to:

  • Enable users to evaluate, compare, and select suitable technologies to detect/quantify methane emissions from segments of the oil and gas (O&G) supply chain to:
    • Comply with existing and forthcoming leak regulations
    • Assist with inventory monitoring and reporting, and
    • Enhance safety
  • Identify regulatory barriers and opportunities for new or innovative technologies.

Click HERE to access the document.

Methane Team, 2018 Annual Meeting