Effective Application of Guidance Documents to Hydrocarbon Sites

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ITRC guidance already exists for hydrocarbon impacted sites, but there are many situations where regulatory guidance documents overlap. The regulations do not acknowledge interrelated disciplines and as such, the existing guidance documents become harder to follow when reviewed together. This team will work to develop a training webinar to cover one of these case examples and lay the groundwork for practitioners to understand how to apply complimentary concepts holistically at a site.
This project would leverage existing ITRC Guidance Documents and training materials and enhance the implementation phase of the LNAPL, Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (PVI), TPH Risk, Mass Flux and Mass Discharge, and Integrated Site Strategy (ISS) teams in order to better communicate the complementary nature of existing ITRC documents related to petroleum.

ITRC’s Team

This ITRC initiative will produce a set of case studies that can be used as a roadmap on how to apply existing ITRC regulatory guidance documents to hydrocarbon sites. This roadmap will help practitioners address all of their related hydrocarbon concerns when navigating through several regulatory documents. The overarching goal of the project is to allow practitioners to walk away from their training or document with a full understanding of the concepts and processes they need to apply to their own cases, dealing with various hydrocarbon contamination scenarios.

The project will focus on developing an interactive training series to identify the broad themes of hydrocarbon documents and their overlapping and complementary nature. The final team products will provide the initial foundation for participants to reference the documents to answer more detailed and technical questions.


Team Leaders

Tom Fox

Richard Spiese

Program Advisor

Jeffrey Kuhn