Stormwater BMP Performance Evaluation Team

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The goal of this project is to identify best methods for evaluating the pollution-reduction capabilities and verifying the performance of stormwater best management practices (BMPs) for Clean Water Act compliance purposes (to see full project proposal, click here). Facing a diversity of stormwater management laws, regulations and other mandates, regulators have no national consensus on how best to determine the pollution-reduction capabilities of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that reduce the flow of stormwater and associated pollutants into the nation’s waterbodies. In addition to ensuring appropriate design and effectiveness, regulators must ensure that stormwater practices are properly installed, maintained and reducing pollution loading over their lifetime. Federal and state environmental regulators, DoD installations, agricultural entities, other large land owners, municipalities, builders, businesses, and a host of stakeholders share a strong interest to develop and implement such a consensus. The ITRC will assemble a team of experts who could produce a variety of products, including a technical/regulatory guidance document, case studies, a compendium, and/or an Internet-based training course.