About ITRC Training

ITRC Training Program


“My participation on the ITRC Institutional Controls Team was a catalyst for us to track our institution controls much more efficiently, develop internal guidance for reviewing ICs and entering data into our database, develop guidance on IC and planned property use, update our IC document templates, map our IC polygons and have all data updated daily, and to add staff time for tracking ICs long-term”

              -Shanna Schmitt, MPCA

ITRC trainings create a unique forum for the exchange of technical and regulatory information and reflect the consensus opinion of ITRC members from state and federal agencies, the private sector, and stakeholders.

ITRC technical and regulatory guidance documents serve as the basis for ITRC training curricula. The Training Frequently Asked Questions page provides answers to common questions on ITRC's Training Program.

Internet-Based Training

ITRC Internet-based training classes are free and aim to reach a geographically diverse audience of regulators, consultants, and other members of the environmental community. Trainings are developed by ITRC technical teams. ITRC partners with the U.S.EPA Clean Up Information Network (Clu-In). On Demand sessions of more than 50 ITRC classes are available and are listed alphabetically by training title on the ITRC Archived Internet Seminars & Podcasts page. 

For upcoming classes, please view our Upcoming Trainings & Events page. 

Multi-Day Classroom Training

ITRC classroom training courses are hands-on problem solving to engage attendees with real world applications. Classroom training is often provided in conjunction with an ITRC member state, who acts as a host. If you are interested in hosting classroom training, please send a request to training@itrcweb.org.