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ITRC publishes and produces guidance documents and training courses that help state environmental agencies and others gain valuable technical knowledge and develop consistent regulatory approaches for reviewing and approving specific technologies. These include technical overviews, case studies, and technical and regulatory guidance documents. See the latest ITRC Product List, Updated in July 2023, for a list of all of ITRC's published products. 

These documents are written and reviewed by teams of environmental professionals, including state and federal environmental regulators, federal agency representatives, industry experts, community stakeholders, and academia. All ITRC documents undergo a rigorous external review, and all external comments and team responses are captured and posted to the team ITRC Connect community. ITRC will consider a lack of response during the 45-day external review period to signify no serious objection to the content within the product.


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ITRC's QUEST Knowledge Map is an interactive tool for navigating ITRC's environmental guidance documents and resources, allowing users to filter through ITRC's vast library based on concise subjects.

Guidance Documents
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11 years ago



Ten fact sheets designed to provide introductory information about and promote awareness of EMDs.

11 years ago



Provides a collaborative process for developing an effective, integrated strategy to manage remediation of sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents.

12 years ago



Provides a framework and recommendations for evaluating the causes and prevention of post-manufacture biofuel releases, environmental impacts, characterization methods, and remedial responses.

12 years ago



Presents an approach for identifying and selecting appropriate performance specifications for design, implementation, and monitoring of S/S remedies.

12 years ago



A comprehensive resource incorporating elements from previous documents and providing updates on additional types of reactive media, treatable contaminants, longevity issues, and new construction/installation approaches and technologies. Revised 11-30-11.

12 years ago



Presents GSR concepts to provide consistency in application and consideration of GSR during the site-management process.

12 years ago



Presents tools and processes to help remediation practitioners anticipate, plan for, and mitigate project risks.

12 years ago



This online guidance document assists state regulators and practitioners in understanding and incorporating the fundamental concepts of bioavailability in contaminated freshwater or marine sediment management practices.

12 years ago



Provides a decision framework incorporating key aspects of EPA’s three-volume technical background series on MNA for metals and rads in groundwater, guidance on approaches and key issues associated with evaluating attenuation-based remedies, and a process to incorporate enhanced attenuation.

13 years ago


Use and Measurement of Mass Flux and Mass Discharge was published as a web-document in June 2021. (MASSFLUX-1)

Summarizes the concepts underlying mass flux and discharge, their potential applications, and case studies of the uses of these metrics.