Chemicals of Emerging Concern

Team Lifespan: January 2022 - December 2023

The ITRC Chemicals of Emerging Concern Team will create a framework for anticipating and responding to emerging chemicals, built on lessons learned from the emergence of PFAS and coupled with proactive identification of potential future chemicals. The objectives of this team are to develop a series of fact sheets that 1) address how states can track and identify chemicals of emerging concern to better manage them, 2) address the properties and traits that lead to identification, and 3) provide guidance for evaluating these properties.



Chemicals of emerging concern are an issue that often demands an immediate response by state regulatory agencies and requires a clear procedure on how to identify, evaluate, and manage them. Once an emerging chemical is identified, public concern and interest may become elevated, requiring States to rapidly respond. Regulatory agencies, and the regulated community, need to more effectively address exposure to emerging chemicals while meeting the expectations of concerned or interested public stakeholders. USEPA has implemented several mechanisms to identify and evaluate the thousands of chemicals worldwide for which there is still much uncertainty in their potential hazard. These efforts at the federal level often generate data and findings that have ripple effects down to the states, but there is no clear guidance or consensus on how states should evaluate or manage this information.

Registration for this new team begins on December 1, 2021. For inquiries and more information on membership, contact ITRC staff

Team Leaders

Paula Panzino

Vivek Mathrani

Program Advisor

Maggie Mandell