Biochemical Reactors for Mining-Influenced Water

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Biochemical Reactors for Treating Mining-Influenced Water (BCR-1)
November 2013

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Have you ever asked yourself, how do I get equipment and power to my remote mining site to address the mine drainage impacting the receiving creek?  Did you come up with a great solution that did not have a negative financial impact?

With water quality information in hand, ITRC’s new Biochemical Reactors guidance, “Biochemical Reactors for Treating Mining-Influenced Water (BCR-1)”, can provide an understanding of how this technology can effectively address the contaminants in the mine water.  It is critical to understand the quality of the mine-influenced water and the receiving water.  Did you know a BCR can reduce the concentration of a number of sulfide metals and raise the pH of the mine drainage to attain ecological protection standards?  Did you know BCR designs are very flexible?  Though they are not “no maintenance”, BCRs are low maintenance.