Groundwater Statistics and Monitoring Compliance

Statistical techniques are used throughout the process of cleaning up contaminated groundwater, including for monitoring, evaluation, and optimization. There are many good sources of information about statistics and a wide variety of tools and software packages for implementing statistical calculations for environmental cleanup. However, it is challenging for practitioners, who are not experts in statistics, to accurately apply the latest approaches. The goal of this project was to help users without deep statistical expertise to understand the statistical techniques and methods related to groundwater cleanup and how to use them in all phases of the project life cycle: release detection, site characterization, remediation, monitoring, and closure. A Web-based technical and regulatory guidance document, “Groundwater Statistics and Monitoring Compliance (GSMC-1)” has been completed. This resource will help bring clarity to the planning, implementation, and communication of groundwater statistical methods and should lead to greater confidence and transparency in the use of groundwater statistics for site management.