LNAPL Update

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Since 2007, ITRC has been a national leader in producing technical and regulatory guidance documents and training courses focused on the assessment and remediation of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) contaminated sites. With the advancement of science and lessons learned, the curriculum of the classroom training course has reached a point such that there is more new science presented than what was captured in the original ITRC LNAPL documents. The project team proposed to develop a comprehensive up-to-date web-based guidance document that captures relevant historic information for the assessment and management of LNAPL contaminated sites as well as lessons learned and will also incorporate cutting-edge new science developed in recent years. This information based on the science of LNAPL, LNAPL Conceptual Site Model (CSM) development, transmissivity, and natural source zone depletion formed the basis of a comprehensive, one-stop LNAPL guidance document and online training, also on Clu-In, that will serve ITRC’s target users to support improved decision making at LNAPL sites and support states in basing regulatory guidance on the state of the science.