Remediation Management of Complex Sites

Available Resources:

Remediation Management of Complex Sites (RMCS-1)
November 2017

Supplemental Training:

Remediation Management of Complex Sites Online Webinar 
Archived September 2022

Team Background:

Achieving restoration goals by applying conventional remediation approaches has been difficult at many contaminated sites. For example, remediation of groundwater to a condition allowing for unlimited use and unrestricted exposure remains a significant challenge at some sites. A variety of existing approaches could be applied at these challenging sites; however, guidance describing the elements, tools, and options for successful remediation at complex sites is needed. Success at complex sites may ultimately depend on being able to integrate multiple remediation approaches, risk management strategies, and long-term monitoring and management. This project produced a guidance document that provides a technical foundation for predictive analyses, progressive remedy implementation, and defining and achieving a successful remediation strategy at complex sites. Case studies will be included to help define complex sites. This document and its associated Internet-Based training, also available on Clu-In, helps regulators and site managers develop protective approaches that have a strong scientific and technical foundation.