Contaminants of Emerging Concern Framework 

12-19-2023 14:49

The ITRC CEC Framework is comprised of a white paper and four associated fact sheets. These materials were developed to help environmental regulatory agencies and other stakeholders identify examples of CEC monitoring programs; evaluate potential hazard by systematically applying key CEC characteristics; communicate real and perceived risk from CEC to the public; and understand how laboratory analytical methods can be used in the identification process.

CEC are defined in this resource as: “substances and microorganisms including physical, chemical, biological, or radiological materials known or anticipated in the environment, that may pose newly identified risks to human health or the environment.”

CEC require a clear technical approach on how to identify and evaluate them while acknowledging uncertainties in their environmental fate and transport, receptor exposure, and/or toxicity. Such an approach can be conducive to improved allocation of regulatory response resources and provide a foundation for communicating potential risk to stakeholders.



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