Environmental Data Management Best Practices 

01-06-2023 10:53

There is a greater need to store, manage, and interpret environmental data for effective decision-making in today's ever-more complicated world, and the demand for accurate, reliable, and accessible data from state regulatory agencies and other organizations is only expected to grow. ITRC's Environmental Data Management Best Practices guidance documents are designed specifically for state, tribal, and federal environmental staff, as well as others (including stakeholders, project managers, and decision-makers), to gain a working knowledge of best practices for environmental data management (EDM). The document was developed by a team of over 400 environmental practitioners drawn from state and federal government, academia, industry, environmental consulting, and public interest groups.

These Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) online resources include Fact Sheets, Subtopic Sheets, Checklists, Case Studies, Interactive Tools, and Supporting Documents prepared by the Environmental Data Management Best Practices (EDMBP) Team. Links within the online document help the reader locate interrelated topics. The web-based nature of this document lends itself to updating key information in this continually evolving subject.


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