Performance-Based Optimization of Pump & Treat Systems 

06-28-2023 10:00

Groundwater extraction and treatment (aka Pump & Treat or P&T) is not a new remediation technology and is widely used for the cleanup of contaminated sites. Remedies utilizing P&T need to be evaluated, optimized, and adapted to changing site conditions throughout their life cycle - not just at the startup of these systems - to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the remedy, maintain or improve receptor protection, ensure adequate maintenance, reduce cost and liability, reduce the environmental footprint, and improve resiliency to environmental changes.

ITRC's Pump & Treat Optimization guidance provides an understanding of adaptive management as a key to optimization and presents a technical framework for conducting optimization efforts at P&T sites, along with interactive checklists for detailed evaluation and optimization guidance as well as supporting case studies of project implementation.


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